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How it comes to the war leading to the cyclic total destruction at the beginning of XXI century, why it is unavoidable and who becomes the main instrument in horror – answers to all this and more questions are in the interview below. It contain a concise explanation of the problem from the physical and spiritual perspectives.

The Mahabharata and Ramayana, records of the most horrible war in the world, the cyclic great destruction of the world in XXI century.

Waruna, a researcher of Japanese and Indian cultures, strategy planner, traveler met us in a small group.  It was a meeting with students of intercultural communication in the Warsaw University in January 2010.

Q: It is not easy to meet you. You are living in a little flat in this northern country far from everything, don’t show your face in the world, don’t reveal your experience and personal data. Why? Do you want to hide something?

W: I have nothing to hide indeed. I am open to all kinds of questions. I live far from the world, because I am busy in studies and practice. Nothing else attracts my attention. I want to achieve the maximum simplicity and liberate my mind from all limitations, pollution, intellectual slavery and death.  It doesn’t mean that I separate myself from the world. I live a family life, cook, clean the house, earn money for my daily needs. My name will say nothing to the world. Why should I add to it another piece of useless information? But in the case of my teacher’s name, he should be on first place, written in bold. His name is Shivbaba. Very soon this name and this person will attract the attention of the entire world.

Q: I’ve heard that you are fascinated with the Ramayana and Mahabharata. Is it your real passion?

W: Yes. They are two Indian eposes that contain descriptions of the events in the world of the end of XX c. and beginning of XXI c. Things that were described in the Ramayana and Mahabharata will soon reveal themselves before our eyes fully. We will witness them and take part in them.

Q: How is it possible? The Ramayana and Mahabharata were written hundreds years ago. How can they contain descriptions of events in the world of XXI century?

W: The world history is ‘closed’ in the cycle. ‘Cycle’ means ‘wheel’ that is rotating all the time, similarly to the clock hands moving along the circle line always in the same way. The history of the world ‘moves’ similarly. What happened in the past will happen again, what is to happen has already happened. Imagine a CD. We put it in a CD player and switch on ‘replay’. This machine of the world is a perpetuum mobile that rotates eternally. The human history is a kind of show played on this world scene by souls (subtle individual points of conscious non-physical energy or living spiritual substance) acting through bodies (no-living physical substance). This scenario has four chapters: the satopradhan period, sato period, rajo period and tamo period. And the end of the last stage, in the tamo period (the time of the greatest degradation, intellectual darkness and ignorance) and just before the restart of the new ‘wheel turn’, it comes to the so-called shooting, meaning the rehearsal of the entire scenario. It is the present time, exactly the period of 1936/7 – 2036. It is called ‘confluence age’ or the time of the confluence. All that takes place at this time in a subtle intellectual way, is ‘played back’ in the next cycle in the form of religious scriptures, eposes, rituals, stories, beliefs and so on. That is why, the events described in the Ramayana and Mahabharata – scriptures hundreds years ago, take place now in reality. The same concerns the Vedas and other religious scriptures.

Q: Could you tell us about the Ramayana and Mahabharata in a short and simple way? Which present events were described in these eposes?

W: Both eposes concern the entire world, but first of all they show events that take place within the Brahmin family created by Shiva, in the mentioned period. Shiva is the name of the generator (or ‘producer’) of the pure spiritual energy, in other words he is the Supreme Soul that is always incorporeal and beyond all influence, whose role is to top up the battery of this human world when both the souls and matter are in the tamo (impure) stage and make everything come back to their satopradhan stage, meaning to the stage of the highest purity and potential. In order it could happen, the mentioned Shiva has to use a human body as an instrument of action. He uses two instruments. One is the body of the human soul that can be called ‘the father of all human souls’. One of his names is Ram. The other soul, whose body Shiva uses, can be called ‘the son’ and he plays the role of the mother for all the human souls. His name is Krishna. Everything that takes place around Shiva conducting his tasks in the human world through his chariots in the confluence age were described in these two eposes in their adulterated form of legends and myths. So, the Ramayana is a story about the father of humanity, Ram. The Mahabharata is a story about the son Krishna. Shiva, through a human body of Ram, meaning as Shivbaba, explains meanings of these eposes. And not only of these ones. He also explains how it comes to recording all the parts described in those scriptures.

Q: Can you tell us what he explains? Can it be presented in a approachable way? And can it become open to the public?

W: Of course. Shivbaba always repeats his students to speak clearly, simply and not to hide anything. The Truth must be so simple that we give a gasp when we fully realize it. At the same time, if it is the Truth that finally all the people in the world agree with, it has to have the power to eradicate evil and elicit good. This is the role of the One described in the Bhagavadgita as that one who comes when the dharma (law, order, religion) in the world declines to destroy evil, protect good and reestablish the dharma. I suggest that it would be better you meet with someone to talk about dharma. It is not difficult to understand dharma. Shivababa doesn’t make things difficult. Human beings have made their life difficult by acting in ignorance. I suggest to separate this issue now so that someone who will read what we are talking about today could receive clear information focused on one topic.

Q: What do you think we should focus on?

W: Let’s focus on the Mahabharata, because it is taking place right now on the local and international level. You mentioned that you saw the site of Pro Publico Bono PR and its content concerning the Brahma Kumaris. This is a part of Mahabharata. Krishna (Brahma Baba is called by the Brahma Kumaris ‘Krishna’) was an instrument for Shiva in the period of 1947-1969. The Gita was narrated through Krishna’s body. The incorporeal Shiva was the Narrator. Krishna was his chariot. We can see it in an adulterated form in the pictures of devotion. The knowledge that Shiva narrated was in its ‘crude’ form, meaning it had a form of verses, whose real meaning was to be clarified in the next stage of Shiva’s performance in the human world, meaning after 1976 according to what was predicted in those very ‘crude’ verses. The Brahma Kumaris who gathered around Krishna in the period of 1947-69 and their later followers didn’t recognize the role of Shiva and didn’t understand what he was telling them. Instead of focusing their attention of studying that knowledge, they engaged themselves in the cult of Krishna’s body. And Krishna is attractive, striking, sweet, beautiful, delicate, patient, tolerant. The very name ‘Krishna’ means ‘the one who attracts’. Brahma Baba was like this. If someone would like to check whether I am telling the truth, he may go through descriptions of Brahma Baba published by the Brahma Kumaris; for example the autobiography of Nirmashanta Dadi, Brahma Baba’s daughter.

However, one needs to understand the role of Krishna. Shivbaba explains that the spiritual love, patience, sweetness, beauty are attributes of the mother. Krishna or Brahma Baba played this role for the Brahma Kumaris, but the ones who were around him didn’t understand anything of what they heard from his mouths. They were attracted to the body, they worshipped the body. When that body died (in contrast to the soul, the body is not imperishable), they started worshipping the image of the body. All the knowledge was forgotten and was replaced with the cult of the body. Please do visit Brahma Kumaris centers – there is an altar of Krishna at the front, before it there is a place for a guru, hundreds pictures, photos of didis, dadis, dadas, gadgets, books of gurus – the obsession with the body at every step. Exactly like the Christians. They started establishing centers in big houses and palaces, like that one in Oxford. And all this wealth must come either from the public money or from stealing, because if someone wished to observe the essence of their teachings, he wouldn’t have time to work to cover all these costs of purchase and maintenance. Next, despite living in these luxuries, they keep talking secretly about destruction all the time. They are invoking the destruction of the world. They are praying for destruction in the true sense of the word. Why?

They are very angry. The fire of anger burns them inside, because they don’t understand anything. They have become blind and angry. The rejected Shiva’s knowledge and Shiva himself and stole the murlis written on paper. Despite not having copyrights, they distributed those papers, modified them, removed what wasn’t in accordance to their strategy of expansion, added their interpretations and changed knowledge in poison. And they still don’t understand anything. This makes them angry. Poisoned with false knowledge, having minds full of body consciousness and cults of the body (eating, sleeping, cooking, organizing parties, dancing, gazing at altars) they are intellectually dead, stony. In fact, they don’t have time in their daily agenda for studies, practice of raja yoga (in its true sense) and transmitting Shiva’s wonderful knowledge to the other people, so that the others could experience liberation which this knowledge enables. They have become like the Kauravas and Yadavas from Mahabharata, the ones who carry darkness. They have defamed Shiva, they have defamed Krishna, meaning that wonderful benign and loving Brahma Baba who playing the role of the mother closed his eyes and didn’t look at their vice; he was giving unconditional love; the love that only the mother gives, no matter how much she has to suffer for it.  It leads her to relenting and coming under her children’s’ control. She is like Krishna in the Mahabharata who allowed Shishupal to abuse him in public many time.

However, the time has come and the pot has become full to the brim. Krishna is showing his other side. After decades of futile attempts to reform the Brahma Kumaris. Krishna assumes a different form. It is a ferocious form, the form free from attachment. The one who used to love them extremely, hits them with his discuss. It is the discuss of the self-realization. The soul playing the role of Krishna has fully recognized his 84 births and he has recognized the one who is his father. Finally he understands who is the Trimurti Shiva and becomes liberated from the influence of his children, the Brahma Kumaris. He comes to realize what the Brahma Kumaris have been doing for years and again becomes Shiva’s instrument. He comes back as Dharmraj, the king of dharma (law), who settles accounts and punishes. Some reform themselves as the result of punishment. Some don’t give up. They try to fight. As the result of anger, wrath about circumstances not working in their favor, they try out the worst-case scenario. And they have full access to the means. And it is unavoidable. The consequence of this is the total destruction. This is how Ravan acts. Ravan is one of villains in the Ramayana. He resisted till the end and refused to liberate Sita who he kidnapped violating all laws. Ravan is ready to fight God in order to prove that he is right and acts according to law.

Q: You are talking about important and serious things. Are there proofs of this?

W: Let’s make things clear. It is not me. I am a mail box that contains a letter. This knowledge belongs to Shiva. He is the only author, narrator and has all the copyrights to it. Proofs are available at each step, everywhere, but one won’t notice them until one understands who the Trimurti Shiva is. This lesson opens the path to the Ocean of Cognition. After this class one starts seeing. You see, it is not enough to have eyes, not enough to look at things; we need insights. The Trimurti Shiva enables man to insights.

Q: Have you ever seen manifestation of anger in the Brahma Kumaris? You are not a part of their organization, are you?

W: A student, a researcher may use many methods to gather data and proofs. The participating observation is one of the popular methods applied in sociology and also in other fields. It is a very god method, but it needs a good background and a proper strategy. It is very easy to announce oneself; ‘Ladies and gentlemen, I am going to conduct such and such research here…’ It happened in the case of the research in the Brahma Kumaris conducted by Mrs Agnieszka Kościańska, who received PhD for it, however the results of her research and her description of the BK organization are far from the reality. The same applies to the majority of research conducted in/on the Brahma Kumaris in the west. Due to applying wrong methods and not understanding the environment properly, they turn out to be something like hymns for BK. This kind of mistakes happen very often in the social studies, nowadays especially in marketing where clients (big international companies) pay big money to research institutes for preparing the course of research and results according to current strategic needs of a company.

Q: Could you tell us something more about the participating observation?

W: Let me use a real example please. Look, a little girl from a foreign country comes to London and tries to meet a famous yogini, the Brahma Kumaris Director, BK Jayanti who is perceived as an embodiment of peace, self-control and spiritual power that is supposed to transform this world into a better one. That little girl has an important message about her father for her. Although Yogini Jayanti has set the date and time of the meeting in advance, she makes the girl wait for her almost half an hour. Then, through a messenger, she suggests that the girl should sit to pray before Krishna’s altar. Then, she makes the girl wait in front of big doors with a big letters ‘Sister Jayanti. Director’ leading to her office on the second floor in the BK center in London. The corridors are long, rather dark, luxurious equipment, big and hefty doors on both sides of the corridor. When Yogini Jayanti shows up, she lets the girl in her office and shows her a place in an armchair. She is not too kind and tells the girl not to waste her time. The girl asks in English whether she can communicate the message about the father to Yogini. Yogini Jayanti agrees. The girl is asking whether they could speak Hindi, the father’s language, because it is also Yogini’s mother tongue. Yogini Jayanti refuses and chooses English. Her voice sounds unstable, her hands start shaking. The girl transmits the information about the father to Yogini Jayanti  in plain English. Yogini Jayanti raises her voice and states sharply and the father is an impure arrogant who lies. The girl presents her materials proving that it is not like she said. Yogini Jayanti all trembling and shaking his right hand tells the girl loudly not to waste yogini’s valuable time and to finish. The girl is telling her that if she changes her mind, she can always contact her. She leaves the address and goes out, kindly  saying goodbye.

Q: I see.

W: The Brahma Kumaris are shaking with anger. They are boiling, like volcanoes that are about to explode. It’s enough someone calls them unexpectedly and they are in fear. Does a pure and honest yogi, a double-born Brahmin full of knowledge and ever ready to communicate it to everyone behave like this? The Brahma Kumaris don’t control themselves to the extent that they expect tricks at each step. They become pale, shake and go mad when someone asks them about something connected to knowledge. They keep mentioning the name of a specific person, Shivashankar, and suspect that everyone who unexpectedly wants something from them is him. It is a serious fixation.  They are not courageous enough to come out in the battlefield and in front of the public use their swords of knowledge and purity. The true knowledge and purity are two imperishable weapons of the Brahmin. The Brahma Kumaris have none of them. That is why they chose falsehood, they deceive people, they don’t communicate Shiva’s pure knowledge, but adulterated poisoned human knowledge. They have built their brand throughout the world, they have defamed Shivbaba throughout the world. That is why very soon they will become a tool of the total world destruction, the Mahabharata which Krishna in the name of the father has started. Krishna is his father’s right hand, meaning Dharmraj, the Lord of Dharma. Dharma means the highest law which the incorporeal Shiva through his chariot in the form of a human body is establishing now, at the present time. It happens only once in the cycle.

Q: There is power in what you have said.

W: There is power in Shivbaba’s knowledge. I wish everybody to acquire a taste for it. You may find the basics in I do wish the same to the Brahma Kumaris from the bottom of my heart.

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