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Leszek Strug, an experienced PR agent and researcher, was Poland in 2002.  As a part of his international task he had spent some time in local advertising and marketing agencies. In September 2002 he visited a local Brahma Kumaris center in Warsaw. He wanted to conduct a research and verify how the Brahma Kumaris were implementing their official declaration of following the highest code of conduct and the work as public servants and check the level of knowledge they communicate to the world as one of the public schools called ‘university’. Leszek decided to become an active student of the Brahma Kumaris as he considered this method to be the best and the most reliable source of information. So, he passed through all the courses they were offering (positive thinking, so called raja yoga, stress free life). He passed through the explanation of the pictures that the Brahma Kumaris had. He was taking part in their secret teachings which only the real members of the Brahma Kumaris are allowed to take part in. Leszek was trying to concentrate on knowledge as it should be the main occupation of any university. But he was repeatedly refused access to original classes, to free copies of teachings, to additional explanations. His questions like ‘where are the missing parts of these teachings?’, ‘where is the person who narrates this knowledge?’, ‘why don’t you reveal these teachings to the entire world for their liberation, so that they could stop making war?’ were openly called ‘mad’. He was also strictly refused a possibility of meeting directly those who were presented as the main teachers of the organization. Instead of this, the director of the local center in Warsaw repeatedly insisted on him sitting before a big poster presenting a man dressed in white. They were calling that man Brahma Baba or Krishna. Besides this, he was also invited by them to take part in local rituals like cooking, singing, dancing, fashion shows, Christmas parties, death anniversaries, looking at the eyes of each other, offering food to Brahma Baba Krishna. Leszek, who participated in the morning classes everyday, noticed that quite of lot of those rituals were not in accordance with what was stated in those classes. The most striking discrepancy that Leszek noticed was between very strict orders coming from that unknown hidden narrator of those classes and the atmosphere among the local BK students. That hidden teacher in almost all the classes kept repeating ‘destruction is right in front of you; you have to become dead alive, otherwise you will be destroyed.’ However, all Leszek’s questions about destruction mentioned so often in those classes and those differences between the teachings and practice were never answered. He wasn’t given any answer about the unknown teacher either. The local members of the Brahma Kumaris were ultimately unwilling to talk about what knowledge is and who the real teacher is. BK hardly mentioned his name. Exposed to the topics: ‘who the teacher is, where knowledge comes from, what destruction means’, they used become nervous and lower their heads, their hands seemed shaking. Leszek’s attempts to understand all this ended up in expelling him from the local center on 11th May 2003 and calling him ‘mad’. However, he continued his research visiting other local centers, centers in UK and in India. Everywhere he came across the same. His direct meeting with the director of the Brahma Kumaris center in London and later on the direct meeting with the Head of the organization provided him with even more proofs that the Brahma Kumaris are hiding three main things: the topic ‘the world destruction is standing right in front of you’, the topic ‘where are the missing part of the teaching’ and the topic ‘who is the author of this knowledge’. Exposed to these three questions the highest circles of the Brahma Kumaris visibly shake, lower their heads, start raising their voice, start saying that they don’t have time, try to change the topic, their faces often become red.

After 7 years of research Leszek gathered enough data to be able to write ‘A public appeal’ concerning the other side of the Brahma Kumaris and send it to all key institutions of national and international importance, press agencies, journalists, PR officers, lawyers as well as ordinary people in January /February 2010. The copy of it is available here: Public Information

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