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Let’s try to understand what is the key driver of the coming world war leading to the total atomic destruction, why it is inevitable and why the Brahma Kumaris will become its pivot?  It is a part of the Brahma Kumaris original secret teachings which they don’t want to reveal to the public, keep them in their dark archives and do everything they can to make access to them difficult for an ordinary simple man. The researchers like Leszek Strug, Anna Bujko or those gathered in Pro Publico Bono Team, thanks to their patience and long time involvement in the research, managed to gather invaluable data through the participating observation. This method provides with the least adulterated data and insights to the real situation.

In the period of 1969-1976 the Brahma Kumaris glommed onto the teachings that were not targeted at them. They erased all the traces of the author’s existence and declared officially that they had copyrights to those teachings. Soon after they started cutting and adding to those teachings according to what they needed to implement and justify their strategy of the Neo-Hindu brand expansion in the world. Since the teachings were not targeted at them, they could neither understand them nor explain them to the others. In this way they initiated the vicious circle of events. The less they understood the more they cut and added, and by doing this they destroyed the true message and knowledge contained in them. Eventually they established the cult of Krishna in the world and deleted everything what might be associated with the original teacher. It has lead them to serious intellectual warps and today it is very difficult to enable the Brahma Kumaris to realize what they are actually doing. As it was stated above the highest BK circles keep the original texts of the teachings in their archives along with all the data about the author. For the close members of the organization they use those adulterated parts and based on this they teach them ‘this world has to be destroyed, because it is impure and occupied by demons… this world has to be burnt to ashes, it has to be blown up, in order we along with our Krishna could live in golden palaces, wear precious clothes and crowns with jewels. …’ And they organize plays like children showing themselves on stages wearing plastic crowns, sitting on thrones wearing nice clothes surrendered by their court. They wear golden and silver rings and tell everybody that those rings are proofs of their proficiency in the cult. You may find a very good insight to this in an interview with a researcher who applied the participating observation and took part in those plays to collect real data. The interview is available in the Internet. It is an excellent testimony of what hides behind these innocent plays with crowns and thrones.  The intellectual warp and inability of the Brahma Kumaris has reached such a level that they show a point of light in vacuum, call this point ‘ShivBaba’ (the Hindi word ‘baba’ refers only to a corporeal being) and tell everyone that point of light in vacuum speaks to them, walks with them, smiles to them, strokes them, feeds them and also narrates knowledge to them like a person. They say they received copyrights from that point of light suspended in vacuum. Moreover, being unable to understand the teachings and standing against them, they considered a woman called Gulzar to be God the Father and spread this message in the world making hundred thousands people from all over the world go to meet her. Then they had a poster created showing the Trinity: Janki-Gulzar-Prakashmani (dead) and above them that point of light in vacuum. The poster presents these three women as incarnations of God the Father. They travel to the richest and the most expansive countries in the world (like Switzerland), they organize there mega programs trying to reveal God and eradicate poverty there. A very good example of this is the BKIVV Seminar in Geneva 2000 (all the data are available below in the archives). This seminar consumed huge money, but no one recognized God the Father, Switzerland is as rich as it was, but poverty in the world has increased.

Furthermore, being aware of the coming great destruction, the Brahma Kumaris seem not to be bothered at all. They do nothing to warn the people and prepare them to face the situation. On the contrary, their playing, dancing, cooking, eating, singing, building houses, taking part in all the kinds of mundane activities dedicated to building this world make everyone believe that nothing is going to happen, while they themselves, according to what they teach the members of the organization, are supposed to get ready for the coming soon total destruction.

Another interesting point was raised by the Pro Publico Bono PR. They proved that the Brahma  Kumaris, although declaring the work pro publico bono officially, have been openly violating the principles of pro publico bono work for decades, by asking for public money, asking for loans, grants and then spending them on spreading their cult in a hidden form. You will find the full account of this case in their open to public correspondence with the Brahma Kumaris officials placed at the bottom of their home page

These are excerpts from the letter to Mrs Dadi Janki available among documents in that site:

  • ‘you as the HEAD of the Worldwide University Brahma Kumaris that declare officially working pro publico bono will be kindly asked to scrutinize all the income and outcome in all the branches of BK across the world and verify how your official declaration of pro publico bono work has been implemented in practice. We would like to remind you that Pro Publico Bono agents across the world follow the lawthat states:
  1. the one who aspires to do the work pro publico bono should dedicate all his true knowledge and experience and skills for the common good
  2. the one who aspires to do the work pro publico bono is forbidden to promote his name and form
  3. the one who aspires to do the work pro publico bono should make the best and spend the least
  4. no ex gratia payment should be taken for service, sharing knowledge, expertise and experience in the work pro publico bono’
  • ‘Having presented You these facts, we are kindly informing that the issue has been submitted to the Governments, the Tax Offices, the Highest Chambers of Control, representatives of the Chief Justice and other relevant institutions on the local and international levels, since the behavior and activity of the Brahma Kumaris violate and defame the noble idea of Pro Publico Bono service. We have sent an open letter to the main intellectual institutions of the world. Your organization has been presented in this letter as ‘the ones who have committed the intellectual crime’. The copy of the letter is available for you at the bottom of our home page and has been titled ‘Message to those who Love Knowledge’. Please, do not neglect it and go through it. It will provide you with clear proofs why the Brahma Kumaris can’t call themselves ‘university’ and can’t claim working pro bono. We are also informing you that the issue has reached the media across the world. We are looking for a lawyer who is ready to represent this challenging and honorable task in the International Tribunal of Justice.’

Next, after gathering data concerning the content of the original teaching that the Brahma Kumaris have hidden in their dark archives, Pro Publico Bono PR accused the Brahma Kumaris in public for having committed ‘an intellectual crime’ and sent the information to the academic, scientific and other intellectual institutions of the world. This is an excerpt of the document ‘To All who Love Knowledge’: There are powerful proofs that the Brahma Kumaris on the local and international level have been hiding very important scientific, historical, cultural, social and other data that could bring a new light to the common understanding of the human history and culture, philosophy and religion, the human origin, the role of man in the universe and various other matters that are vital for the common wealth, health and happiness of humanity. Although revealing those data could bring a definite end to all scientific, cultural, religious, political, philosophical clashes and wars, the Brahma Kumaris have been denying an ordinary man access to them. Instead of communicating the True Knowledge, they have been feeding people with ignorance telling them to pay for it a lot of money.’

Finally, the Brahma Kumaris have been overpowered by anger. Some researchers managed to gather proofs in situations  inaccessible even to ordinary researchers. BK’s anger is a special anger, called ‘called anger’. It burns inside them under a nice cover of ‘civilisation’ and ’smile’. That internal volcano is overpowering them more and more often and it eventually will lead to an uncontrolled explosions which are well described in psychology. Man overpowered by anger destroys everything and everyone around, even himself.  This is a direct account from the data gathered during participating observation already published in media. Excerpt:

‘Look, a little girl from a foreign country comes to London and tries to meet the big yogini, the Brahma Kumaris Director, BK Jayanti who is perceived as an embodiment of peace, self-control and spiritual power that is supposed to transform this world into a better one. That little girl has an important message about her father for her. Although Yogini Jayanti has set the date and time of the meeting in advance, she makes the girl wait for her almost half an hour. Then, through a messenger, she suggests that the girl should sit to pray before Krishna’s altar. Then, she makes the girl wait in front of big doors with a big writing ‘Sister Jayanti. Director’ to her office on the second floor in the center in London. The corridors are long, rather dark, luxurious equipment, big and hefty doors on both sides of the corridor. When Yogini Jayanti shows up, she lets the girl enter her office and shows her a place in an armchair. She is not too kind and tells the girl not to waste her time. The girl asks in English whether she can communicate the message about the father to Yogini. Yogini Jayanti agrees. The girl is asking whether they could speak Hindi, the father’s language, because it is also Yogini’s mother tongue. Yogini Jayanti refuses and choses English. Her voice sounds unstable, her hands start shaking. The girl transmits the information about the father to Yogini Jayanti  in plain English. Yogini Jayanti raises her voice and states sharply and the father is an impure arrogant who lies. The girl presents her materials proving that it is not like she said. Yogini Jayanti all trembling and shaking his right hand tell the girl loudly not to waste yogini’s valuable time and finish. The girl is telling her that in case she changes her mind, she can always contact her. She leaves the address and goes out, kindly  saying goodbye.’

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