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Anna Bujko likes intellectual matters. As an expert in communication she used to be invited to the Brahma Kumaris local center in Warsaw to help them to establish their existence in the local market. They wanted to become a more visible brand and communicate their strategy in a more consistent way to become more popular. Anna prepared a project with clear directions what Brahma Kumaris should do to communicate themselves as a market brand and build a credible image.

In 2003, during an informal meeting in a local BK center she was given a book ‘Adi Deva’ with a request to read it. She read it and it inspired her to ask some questions, because quite a few data given in that book seemed to be inconsistent. Unfortunately, no one from the local BK students could give her an answer. It arose her interest as well as suspicion. She was eager to know who is BapDada mentioned in that book many times. She knew Sanskrit and Hindi a bit and understood that ‘bap’ means ‘father’ and ‘dada’ means ‘elder brother’, but she couldn’t understand why an image of a woman called Gulzar was signed ‘Chariot of BapDada’. No one from the Brahma Kumaris was willing to explain it to her. No one was ready to help her and ask their seniors in London or Mt. Abu. They simply told her that she shouldn’t ask so many questions;  BapDada is ShivBaba and the father of the world.

Anna also tried to study BK teachings. However, the local translations seemed to her adulterated. The language of those translations was rather strange and difficult to understand. Besides this, she felt that something was missing in those translations. She told the local director about it and received the answer that those classes were meant for uneducated Indian devotees whose understanding is limited; that is why the language is so simple and sometimes meaningless. Anna asked  whether she could receive the original texts in Hindi as she knew Hindi, but she was refused and very soon expelled from the local centre.

It inspired her to further research. After some time she presented the fruit of her research in the local Brahma Kumaris centre and was expelled once again. No one from the Brahma Kumaris was willing to sit with her and analyze few simple facts that she presented in her document. They called her ‘mad’. The copy of the document has been attached here:   Mistery of Brahma

The research shows clearly how the Brahma Kumaris have been manipulating and changing data to establish themselves as a ‘Neo-Hindu’ movement, followers of Krishna (Brahma Kumaris officialy say that Brahma Baba is Krishna). This positioning helps a lot to gain credibility in the west and win the public trust, because western people stereotypically perceive the so-called ‘Hindu’ as non-violent vegetarians who are rather peaceful, honest and trustworthy. Even the members of the highest circles in UN, World Bank, UNICEF and others think like  this. This simple marketing trick helped the Brahma Kumaris a lot in establishing their position in the richest countries in the west and convert to their path many influential people.  Some of those converted people,  the scale of the public waste that the Brahma Kumaris have brough about as well as the real danger that they have created in the world have been presented clearly by Pro Publico Bono PR Japan who have been conducting a research on this ‘Neo-Hindu’ movement in the world for few years. The results are available for the public: Pro Bono PR and BKIVV Watch.

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