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Welcome to my home page. It has been dedicated to the revelation of the greatest and the most expensive blunder in the world. That blunder has already consumed billions of the public money. How much exactly?  To estimate it is a challenging and noble task. We will need the help and co-operation of local and international governments, local and international tax offices, local and international security services, lawyers and minds and intellects of all the people in the world to whom the True Knowledge is dear indeed.

Some time ago, in my practice as a research journalist I came across a seemingly ‘meaningless’ issue. A local Institute of Arabic Language and Culture in Warsaw was complaining that guests coming to the organization that shares the main door and corridor with them repeatedly disturb them, because they don’t know which ring they should press on. Due to lack of a proper identification of that organization, guests coming to visit them press on the ring belonging to the Institute. Well, nothing really important; an issue that could be solved by a sensible man immediately, by attaching a clear message next to the ring. Obviously for some reasons it hadn’t been solved for years. Due to this, the issue became the key driver on my path to discover a great danger and evil hidden well behind apparent declarations of sweetness, love and care for the human values.

My initial unwillingness to deal with this issue receded. I managed to meet people and find documents providing with proofs that today’s world is on the edge of the spiritual and material bankruptcy and is facing a real danger. That danger is called “Destruction” or ‘The Mahabharata – the War of the Worlds’ and it is approaching us with a great speed. This exactly is the fact that the mysterious organization whose guests were repeatedly disturbing the local Institute has been hiding from the world for decades. Along with it, they have been hiding the True Knowledge which shows people the right path and tells them what to do in this situation. Instead of telling ordinary people the truth, no matter how hard and difficult to accept it might be, instead of inviting them to the teachings in their original form and enabling them to enter the path leading to the pure life in health, wealth and happiness, they have hidden everything for themselves and fed the public with husks. In addition, they have created an attractive and misleading veil that keeps the public in complete darkness and unconsciousness of the coming destruction.

For revealing these facts in the blog section of a leading Polish newspaper ‘Gazeta’, I had to faced a strong criticism. Most of ordinary people didn’t accept facts that I presented, arguing that the organization in question is implementing expensive environmental programs across the world, is investing huge money in real estates, is promoting itself  across the world in the richest countries, is a part of the most influential and powerful systems in the world, why should they hide such an important fact on the international level? The others called me a liar referring to the life style of the organization in question, their preoccupation in fashion, cooking, enjoying parties and so on. There were some who told me that I had started a personal war with the organization in question. A prominent scholar in Poland, Prof. M.K. Byrski who previously visited the organization in question few times referred to his stay in their  headquarters stating that suspecting that organization of knowing something about the coming destruction is a ‘vulgar attackon them. Finally, the local members of the organization in question called me in their local language  ‘insane and ‘lucifer(it means ‘devil’ in the local language), bringing about to closing my blogs by the administrator of Gazeta.

Hereby, I am handing over the issue to the open public on the international level. Let it be a part of the work pro publico bono. You may find here the necessary information, links, addresses and tracks. The organization in question is called ‘The Brahma Kumaris World Spiritual University’.

The experts and researchers in the field say that two recent events shook the pillars of the Brahma Kumaris. These events are called:

1. ‘Who is the God of the Gita?’ This topic was discussed in public in Warsaw and the copy of the record was published and revealed to the public. This caused an explosion of hatred among the Brahma Kumaris in Poland and their supporters who directed their anger at me. They caused closing my blogs in Gazeta. The copy of the record is available here:

2. ‘A Snake in a Sleeve.’ Publishing the information on this topic evoke anger among the Brahma Kumaris in Warsaw and among the employees of National Medicine Institute of Poland. It was a public article revealing few simple facts concerning the local administration office and their problems. Apparently it had nothing to do with the Brahma Kumaris. Yet, they directed their suspicion at me, due to which Gazeta removed the article from their sites. The copy of it is available here: Everyone can judge for himself.

The tasks that are in front of the public have been listed in this site as “Tasks”.

I encourage all my colleagues, press agencies, all representatives of governments, lawyers and all the people who appreciate the noble idea of the work for the public well-being to act use all their capacity to reveal the details of the issue to all the people. I do not expect any remuneration, fame or defame and I surrender the result of my work completely to the  public.

London, March 20th 2010

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