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Seven Cardinal Sins in Mount Abu

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Revealed by the Brahma Kumaris themselves


Mount Abu harbors

burning alive, black magic, necromancy, prostitution and incest

Based on thorough studies of the Shrimat Bhagavad Gita published in India, some researchers discovered that for decades the headquarter of the World Spiritual University Brahma Kumaris in Mount Abu has been harboring the most hideous crimes in the human history. Everything remained hidden under nice white clothes and sweet smiles for years.

The issue has many levels and may be analyzed from the physical (materialistic) and spiritual point of view. It is also worthy to say that the very name ‘Mount Abu’ means ‘the Mountain of  Odor’, which corresponds with Tolkien’s Mordor. That has already spread in the entire world and now some politicians, journalists, academics started to write about it. England is a strategic point for the Brahma Kumaris. Some of crimes described below are taking place also  in England.

Crime number one – death by burning in the fire of so called “raja yoga”

In Indian tradition burning living people is associated with the ritual of adamkhor or sati. In the western history – with Inquisition and burning those accused of sorcery. In the Brahma Kumaris it is associated with the practice of raja yoga. What the Brahma Kumaris call “raja yoga”, an ancient practice of yogic tradition, has nothing to do with any kind of yoga. It is a lie.

BK Kumarka, the chief administrator of the Brahma Kumaris since 1969-2007 was seriously ill  during last years of her world performance. She suffered from hemorrhage and was in coma for a long time. Her students and followers neglected discoveries of modern medicine and latest proofs that over 50% of patients in coma are fully conscious. Here are some of personal testimonies: “I shall never forget the day when they discovered what was truly wrong with me – it was my second birth. […]I want to read, talk with my friends via the computer and enjoy my life now that people know I am not dead”. For more details see appendix A. BK Kumarka’s students and followers didn’t apply any of modern standards introduced  in medicine in relation with this discovery. They used practice of so called raja yoga. For more details about medical standards see appendix B. Brahma Kumaris considered BK Kumarka as ‘dead’ object, an object of practicing so called ‘raja yoga’ and were using her for a long time for this practice, then they burnt her body. BK Janki herself burnt her body. BK Gulzar assisted her. It should be added that the Brahma Kumaris consider many people a dead objects and they practice raja yoga, probably bringing about their incredible suffering. The Brahma Kumaris call it love, peace and self-realization.

Crime number two – applying black magic

Magic, sometimes known as sorcery, is the practice of consciousness manipulation and/or autosuggestion to achieve a desired result, usually by techniques described in various conceptual systems. The practice is often influenced by ideas of religion, mysticism, occultism, science, and psychology. Psychological theories treat magic as a personal phenomenon intended to meet individual needs, as opposed to a social phenomenon serving a collective purpose. Theories range from magic as neurosis to magic as bad science to magic as anxiety relief. For more scientific and academic data everyone can refer to sources available to the public.

How does it work in the Brahma Kumaris? The first and fundamental instrument of the magic power and extending control over mass audience are ceremonies of drishti, applying rings. Giving drishti  by leaders to the audience and applying rings were invented by one of the main administrators of the Brahma Kumaris. For instance, the ceremony of receiving a ring by an adept of the Brahma Kumaris is a ritual of his reunion with the gathering. The adept occupies a lower position and bows to his guru, sometimes he even kneels before him, while the guru shows his mercy on him and allows him to enter his gathering extending all his control over his mind and body. The ritual itself and its consequences are already well documented in the academic research of PhD Agnieszka Kościańska,  titled ‘Power of Silence’. She also described how the gurus in the Brahma Kumaris overwhelm and overpower their adepts through what they call ‘power of silence’. For pictures and detailed description see: Agnieszka Kościańska, Potęga Ciszy, Warsaw University Publications 2009 – appendix C. She also describes in her book how they use their magic power, charisma and silence to communicate with so-call god. This leads to….


Crime number three – necromancy

Necromancy is a special mode of divination by the evocation of the dead. Understood as nigromancy (niger, black), which is the Italian, Spanish and old French form, the term suggests “black” magic or “black” art, in which marvelous results are due to the agency of evil spirits, while in “white” magic they are due to human dexterity and trickery. The practice of necromancy supposes belief in the survival of the soul after death, the possession of a superior knowledge by the disembodied spirit, and the possibility of communication between the living and the dead. The circumstances and conditions of this communication — such as time, place, and rites to be followed — depend on the various conceptions which were entertained concerning the nature of the departed soul, its abode, its relations with the earth and with the body in which it previously resided. As divinities frequently were but human heroes raised to the rank of gods, necromancy, mythology, and demonology are in close relation, and the oracles of the dead are not always easily distinguished from the oracles of the gods.

The Brahma Kumaris have been practicing necromancy since 1969. Since then they have been evoking Dada Lekhraj Kripalani (known also as Brahma Baba) to celebrate meetings with him, listen to him and as they often repeat ‘receive love from him’. Dada Lekhraj (Brahma Baba) died on 18th January 1969 because of a heart attack. According to the theory of necromancy, Dada Lekhraj (Brahma Baba) has to be considered as an evil spirit. The Brahma Kumaris have been using him since his death for their purposes. Particularly BK Kumarka who was admired by Dada Lekhraj Brahma Baba when he was alive, displayed enormous power in her personal  relationship with him. She announced herself to be his wife, the Mother of the World and convinced the public that he is the Father of the World, although there are no evidence that what BK Kumarka announced is true. In order to be able to prove what she said, BK Kumarka and her assistants have been using the body of BK Gulzar.  This lead to…


Crime number four – public prostitution

For years, since 1969, Dada Lekhraj Brahma Baba, a male in a subtle form (meaning Brahma Baba having a subtle body of a male sex) has been entering female Dadi Gulzar in front of public. All gathered in the hall invoke him and watch thoroughly acts of entrance. Initially the public there wasn’t numerous. Since late 80-ties and later on thousands people have been gathering in so-called ‘sacred mysterious meetings with the Supreme’.  Everything is well documented by PhD Agnieszka Kościańska in  ‘Potęga Ciszy’.  International diplomats, politicians, singers, journalists, teachers such as UNESCO, Lech Wałęsa former president of Poland, Pratibha Patel President of India, Prof. M.K Byrski, Paweł Moczydłowski former chief of Prison Service, employees of UNITED NATIONS and many other prominent personalities are or were a part of this. Then, the audience receives so called divine drishti from God Shiva in the form of BK Gulzar. This lead to…

Crime number fife – public incest

Both BK Kumarka and BK Gulzar are daughters of Dada Lekhraj Brahma Baba. They officially call themselves ‘Brahma Kumari’ – daughters of Brahma. Although they are his daughters, he has been practicing with them and they have been practicing with him relationships of husband and wife for years and announced those relationships in world media. Everything is taking place in front of thousands people gathered there. It is worthy to add that only those initiated into the gathering can  take part in ceremonies and rituals. PhD Kościańska claims that she participated in those meeting and described everything in her PhD thesis. Critics accepted her methods of research, her conclusions, praised her academic achievements and gave her a reward in the form of PhD title and high position in the Institute of Ethnography in University of Warsaw. This leads to…

Crime number six – adulteration of the history and original teachings

Historians, sociologists and other academics and scholars can provide with innumerous examples of deliberate adulterations of the history, burning books and documents in order to hide or erase some facts, deliberate adulterating the original  teachings by followers of a certain guru, to be able to establish a new order. The first one mentioned in the history for this kind of act is Emperor Qin Shi Huang who following the advice of minister Li Si, ordered the burning of all philosophy books and history books from states other than Qin — beginning in 213 BC. This was followed by the live burial of a large number of intellectuals who did not comply with the state dogma.

Gurus of the Brahma Kumaris World Spiritual Organization did the same. They falsified the history of the Rudra Gyan Yagya established in 1936 in Hyderabad Sindh in United India (today’s Pakistan), hid all facts that did not comply with their desire to establish the object of their necromancy, Brahma Baba, as God the Father and spread this message across the world. For the same reason they falsified the Shrimat Bhagavad Gita that was narrated by the Supreme Soul Shiva through his mouth in the period of 1947-1969 18th January and falsified the date of birth of Dada Lekhraj Brahma Baba.

Now the true facts have to be revealed to the public. 34 original recordings of classes narrated through the medium of Brahma Baba (appendix 1) are ready for the commissions and judges. The recordings need to be evaluated by independent commissions, then compared with the classes from Karachi (appendix 2) and compared with the selections of revised sakar murlis (appendix 3) and compared with the selection of so-called murlis distributed via BK Internet network (appendix 4) and compare with the Murli Khand 1,2 published by Adhyatmik Ishvariya Vishvavidyalaya (selection of classes appendix 5).

For information about adulteration of the history of Rudra Gyan Yagya by the Brahma Kumaris please see the research articles publish in popular section of Sociology Poland (appendix 6, 7). Then, compare the content of the copy of the certificate with the appendix 9. The dates in the certificate of death and the dates mentioned by the Justice Hardayal Hardy should be more or less the same. All things mentioned above lead to…


Crime number seven – squandering public money on spreading propaganda

Here let’s facts speak for themselves. In order facts could speak for themselves a public independent commission should ask the Spiritual University Brahma Kumaris to show them their books, bills, accounts in order judges could check whether and how they implement their mission (appendix 7). As a sample they may verify the Brahma Kumaris seminar in Geneva 2000 and the activities of the Brahma Kumaris Publications. All the materials concerning the seminar are in appendix 10.  Everything concerning Brahma Kumaris Publications is in their website . After calculating how much money they spend, the Brahma Kumaris: BK Janki, BK Gulzar, BK Karuna, BK Ramesh along with their assistants should answer one question in public: “How many people in the world have recognized the Supreme Soul Shiva in the form of the Trimurti that has been performing three divine tasks since 1936 in the human world and what their cost of reach to one person is.


Then we will proceed to the issues connected with marketing, business fair play, providing the consumer with the true information, using copyrights. All these issues are for another case. The introduction of this case is in the site


In order  to check whether the Brahma Kumaris speak the truth and only the truth, their tax declarations should be verified against appendix number 11.

Finally everything should be verified against personal accounts.

All things mentioned above lead to…

Crime number eight – violation of the divine law

For decades, the Brahma Kumaris have been attempting to defame, accuse, erase and kill a prominent Father, Teacher and Guide of the world – Shri Shri 108 Jagad Guru Gyan Surya Gyan Sagar. The main reason of that hatred was revealed by one of ShivBaba’s student. See appendix 13, underlined parts.


Source: The Brahma Kumaris Info


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